Pressurewash Company

We require a 24 hour notice on cancellations or re-scheduling. When you have set a schedule with us, it is an agreement for service, and you have agreed to our company policy with regard to the outline below. Please understand that it requires energy, time and expense in either planning or getting to your location.  

Cancellations: $75.00 fee

Rescheduling: $30.00 fee

Water Not Available/Customer not available $75.00 trip charge

Not available for payment: $35.00 fee

Withholding of payment:  we charge an additional 10% of the portion that is due ....per day

If disputes arise after decks have been washed AND 50% of the deck work quote has been paid to ABP as per our standard agreement ...the 50% or any portion thereof is non refundable. Your first check of 50% should not be construed as a deposit, it is 50% of the work which is the wash work. 

If we have a job scheduled with you and we attempt to confirm it with you and also make sure that you have left payments for us and have received no response  - we will move forward to our next job. 

concerning pressure washing from ladders: we do not wash any substrates while standing on ladders - due to it's inherent dangers and liabilities.   


Company Policy/Terms and Conditions:


AtlantaBlue Pressurewash is not responsible for:

stains on siding that do not come out with our house wash mix.

water intrusion and bleaching of carpets in screen rooms - however we do our best to mitigate bleach damage by pre-wetting the carpet.

removal of rust stains from chimney caps if that is not outlined in the scope of work and pre-itemized.

mold underneath caulking.

discoloration in glues/caulking. 

changes in color or overall appearence of your house paint or trim due to it being cleaned.

leaky doors/window framing/skylights/leaky roofs/back dripping gutters.

dirt/soil/clay bleed back on washing flat work ( concrete ).

weak paint or poor quality paint - please advise us if your siding surface is chipped or faded in color.

we will not take responsibility for oxidated vinyl surfaces or paint surfaces - pre or post existing condition. ( a good indicater of oxidation of vinyl or paint is chaulkiness ).

water retention behind vinyl siding.

metal window framing that retains water .

exterior or interior light fixtures that retain water.

breakage of loose and unsecured light fixture components or plant pots due to water and air pressure disturbance. 

grass/plants - wilting or dying or wear and tear from production ex: water volume/detergents & strippers/ technicians exterior foot traffic in grassy or muddy areas. We will not replace grass affected by the production process.

your water bill.

broken water faucet hardware.

windows left open/we will avoid that area if you are not home.

water seepage through doors/windows/sliding glass doors that has wet or stained your sills/draperies/floors/please inspect your interior by doors and windows after we leave and wipe up any water. 

black streaks on gutter exteriors/that is a result from the shingles and can be removed - it is a separate process from a housewash - ABP sells this as an extra service.

pre-existing broken or cracked windows/seals on windows.

pre-existing holes in siding materials.

paint removal. 

clean up of loose paint chips with a pre-existing agreement.

paint removal due to mold deterioration - ex: mold eating into wood.

pre-existing roof leaks.

water in door locks/we work around door hardware.

broken landscape lights/ however, we will take every caution to protect your lights.

broken landscaping/however, we will take every precaution to protect your landscaping.

running or leaking exterior water faucets.

light fixtures/electrical outlets/gfc switches that short out.

window screens falling from windows during the wash process and bending or breaking from the fall.

work that we cannot get to due to locked gates. pets left in the backyard. cars in the driveway or trash impeding our work. 

pre-existing deterioration on any wood deck component or wood knots that fall out during our production process from washing to repair to sanding and staining.

sap weeping up on wood boards after washing and staining.

Note: We may require that in order to secure the safety of our crew while on your roof,  that we tie on to chimneys. We are not responsible for a weakened chimney.

Note: Our technicians will not agree to accept less or more than our written agreements without a conversation between the customer - the technician - and the owner of AtlantaBlue. All checks get made out to AtlantaBlue Pressurewash Company and can be released to the technician.

Special Note about oil based stains: In order to produce a successful stain job - we have to set standards by which the products are applied. We have a production standard of a dry deck - of at least 3 days of dry weather -  then 30% rain or below during the day of production - and approx 12 hours of dry weather forward from the time the deck stain work has been completed. We set the same dry deck standard and 30% chance of rain standard on water based decks as well -  we allow more flexibilty for dry time on water based decks until the next rain cycle comes.

Special Note about ownership of materials: All materials relating to your job are purchased by AtlantaBlue Pressurewash Company are owned by AtlantaBlue Pressurewash Company. 

Special Note about our terms of payment: All payments are due - by check - upon completion of the work - on that day. Any other agreement must be placed in writing and agreed to by both parties 24 hours before production. If the opportunity is missed to pay us - you agree to make a check deposit directly to our bank account the following day or by Walmart to Walmart or Paypal invoice via MC or Visa ( add 5% ) before 5:00 pm the following day in order to rectify the oversight. 

Special Note about payments on deck work: If the customer decides to opt out after the completion of the wash stage - and a check for 50% of the job has been deposited by ABP - no monies will be refunded.  ABP reserves the right to cancel our agreement with you if disputes arise. You will not receive any refunds in whole or in part.  

Special Note about your color and opacity approval process: Stain choices off of a chart are approximations.  There are many factors that go into making a choice such as the density/porosity and permeability of your wood - the inherant color and texture of the wood - the age of the wood - light conditions and finally opacity levels of your stain choice. Once you have made a color and opacity level choice and it is documented in writing and the stain has been purchased - we cannot make changes - we ask that you be available at the start of production to inspect the color on the handrails ( that's where we start first ). 

Special Note about oil based stains: oil based stains are one coat systems only - on dense smooth wood (  wood that has not been damaged by the sun )  stains can appear as a lighter wash - maybe showing some brushstrokes - on aged wood - the stain will fill in the valleys of the wood and appear darker - also we cannot apply second coats with oil - it will not dry - oil stains are meant to penetrate raw wood. Please understand before you make a choice that wood will take in stain on some boards unevenly - even on the same board. knots and end grain will repel stain as well. Expect some subtle modulation of color with a semi transparent stain. That's what makes it still look like wood when we are finished. Semi transparent stains are heavier bodied stains where you can see textural nuances of wood as if you were looking at a topographical map - but they're not clear stains. Clear stains do not last in the southern climate.


We will send you a preparation letter in advance of your job which gives you an outline of some things we need you to do for us, in order for you to have a successful business/service relationship with The AtlantaBlue Pressurewash Company. 

When you hire AtlantaBlue Pressurewash Company in writing and we start production or you make payment - you are agreeing to all of our terms and policies and advice above:


Thank you - Elizabeth Loesch/The AtlantaBlue Pressurewash Company/2018