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Repairing the Deck Most decks will need some kind of repair due to rotted or split decking boards, or more commonly balusters that are broken or twisted. We can also replace steps and risers. We have an outstanding professional sanding crew as well.  If rescreening a screen room is needed we do that too.  Our work will be to code. 


Cleaning your wood deck You'll want to hire a company that is educable in their methods for cleaning wood. The products they use are indicative of their knowledge of proper treatment and preparation of your deck for the sealing process.


We use strippers and detergents formulated specifically for wood to remove mold, mildew and environmental pollutants along with just the right amount of water pressure to leave your deck looking great in it's natural state. We then prepare a final light acidic rinse which neutralizes the stripper - and opens up the pores of the wood, this balances the PH of the wood and brightens certain woods - this rinse helps give your wood a longer lasting professional finish.  



Drying the deck  We use an electronic moisture meter to help us ensure that your deck is dry before we seal it - we will never rush the process in bringing you to professional long lasting results.



Sealing the deck 

We like using Sherwin Williams and Porter Paint stains for their superior performance out in the field . It is a product that will hold up for many years.  It comes in wonderful colors too - that's one of the factors that makes doing deck work exciting and interesting. 


We have knowledge and experience with different stains over the years  - these can be discussed during the quote process. 




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