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Yes! we have experienced technicians:  It's very important that you hire a company with an experienced technician - an inexperienced technician can apply too much water pressure or use the wrong detergent to water ratio. Too much water pressure can remove the top layer of concrete exposing the aggregate, shred wood surfaces or put holes in or cause abrasion to substrates.

We're in business full time:  We ask to be in partnership with you for the long haul. We want to continue to address your needs in the future. 

We use quality detergents:  Please understand how important good chemistry is in the delivery of a superior job. A good pressure wash company understands that the solutions we use must do most of the work in balance with the right amount of water pressure. If you are shopping around, go ahead and ask what the company uses and why. If they can't tell you - you could be hiring someone that could damage to your property.


There absolutely is an ART to this - where technique.... knowledge and experience come together to create great results.


We have a great range of equipment  to handle a host of clean up jobs from concrete and brick clean up to working with fragile substrates like vinyl and wood. On concrete we use a surface cleaner, which looks like a lawn mower with a spinning water jet below but is a cleaner that delivers high water pressure - it is the best professional tool to use because it delivers a smooth even consistant finish on your concrete surfaces.  


We aim to deliver longevity with regard to the type of sealer we apply on your deck, that's why we choose to use the best quality products with the best performance.


We think shopping for these attributes in a company is a good start in the pursuit of a good pressure washing job. 

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