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We'll be out to your home soon to pressure wash your property scheduled for XX-XX-XXXX


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Please make sure that your outdoor water source is turned on and that any outside gates are left unlocked. Also please close any windows and unlatch at least one locking tab on your window screen – this allows a gap of space between the window screen and the framing so that water and debris can escape when we clean. Also please remove any fragile items off the walls of the exterior of your home, such as decorative tiles, clocks, chimes etc and remove umbrellas from your tables and place them a distance away from the house, cushions and pillows as well. If you have a deck that we need to wash please do not store items underneath it. If we need a ladder to reach your deck, please advise us.


Please be aware that water pressure, even though gentle, could get in between the gaps of your windows and doors and electrical outlets. Please make sure that your outlets are sealed or covered if possible. Follow up inside when the job is complete by checking for water that may have accumulated on the floors or around your window sills, sliding glass doors or skylights and wipe up the water.


If we are cleaning & sealing your deck – please remove as much furniture and plant life as you can. Please remove fragile items that are bleach sensitive. If we are staining your deck please do not put anything back on your deck that would accumulate water while it is drying or if you have a dripping gutter – place a container underneath it to catch the water. Any water on the deck will prevent us from delivery of a timely sealing schedule.


Our house wash detergent will clean green and black mold, pollen and dust and environmental pollution. It is common that your exterior gutters will be left with light vertical   grey streaks – the house wash does not remove these. It is a result of the roofing material. We can remedy this at an extra expense – please advise us if this is a concern to you and we will quote a “gutter scrub.”. Our house wash detergent also does not take care of clay stains, most commonly found along the foundation of a house, please advise us as well – we will bring the detergent that addresses that at a small additional expense to you.


We will do our best to protect your property while we work, taking precautions to protect your landscaping. We will make sure that your pets water and food supply are safe too – Finally, please click on our website link given here and then onto our company policy tab: – here we explain our disclaimers, because sometimes, whether we like it or not, issues come up on a job site that need clarification. When you agree to hire AtlantaBlue Pressurewash, it is an agreement to our disclaim terms.


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